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6 Tips For Feeding Your Used Car Addiction Without Going Broke

Having a car hobby doesn’t have to be expensive. These tips from my years of flipping can help sustain your car habit without killing your bank account. I have mentioned before that I’ve owned a few cars over the years—30 to be exact, including the 27 I have pictured in my profile, two parts cars […]


Does Speed Kill? No, but Stupidity Does.

If you’ve driven to Portales and back recently chances are you’ve seen the billboard that says “Don’t Speed, Lives Depend on It” – and if you’re like me you just roll your eyes and slam on the accelerator in an act of blatant rebellion. I thought we were done with the unfounded, idiotic saying “speed […]


3 Hidden Costs of Trading in a Car

When you arrive at a dealership with the purpose of trading in a car, it is important to be knowledgeable of some unexpected expenses that may arise. This guide highlights common expenses that can be incurred when trading a vehicle. By completing research on the value of your trade-in vehicle before visiting the dealership, you […]